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Email the Yuba County Board of Supervisors to let them know that you support an end to the inhumane practice of immigrant detention that the county profits from.

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When the pandemic started, 175 of our community members were detained by ICE at YCJ. A year later, only 11 remained. On Oct. 27, 2021 the last individual in ICE custody at YCJ was released! However, just two months later ICE began repopulating the jail. 

YCJ holds the last public contract between a county and ICE to detain members of our community. The contract expires in 2099!

As long as this contract remains, regardless of how many people are detained at YCJ, ICE will pay the jail a minimum of $ 23,719.50 PER DAY.

Join the Yuba Liberation Coalition in their  demand: Shut the contract between YCJ and ICE once and for all!  

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